Use of ‘’ (na):-

I) ‘न’ is used at the end of a sentence when expecting an affirmative answer.

1. आप मेरे साथ चल रहे हैं न?
Aap mere saath chal rahe hai(n na?
You are coming with me, aren’t you?

2. आप हिन्दी बोलते हैं न?
Aap Hindi bolte hai(n na?
You do speak Hindi, don’t you?

II) ‘न’ is used at the end of a sentence, to plead to someone to agree to your request.

1. मुझे यह खेल सिखाइए न?
Mujhe yah khel sikhaaiye na?
Please do teach me this game?

2. उसको एक दिन का समय और दीजिए न?
Usko ek din kaa samay aur diijiye na?
Please do give him one more day’s time?

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