• "Hema jii is a very talented and reliable language teacher! With patience and good understanding for foreign learners from different language contexts, she explains grammar in a very structured and clear way. She puts continuous effort in engaging her students in active communication. Plus, her kind and empathetic way make her very likeable.“
    Lena Muller (Germany)
  • It’s been almost four months since I started taking Hindi class from Hema jii. She is an experienced and nice teacher. She teaches Hindi well and can explain the language points clearly. She also gives exercises for homework which helps me to practice what I’ve learned during the class. Besides, she is always punctual. As a beginner, I have learned much from Hema jii. I feel so lucky that I found her months ago. Since I am a office goer, Hindi Online Class has the flexible schedule which suits me well. I will continue taking class from Hema jii in the near future. I highly recommend Hindi Online Class to those who want to learn Hindi. I’m really happy to take class from Hema jii. Dhanyavaad, Hema jii.
    Yunxiu Wang (China)
  • I’m so happy that I found Hindi-Online-Class. For me it’s the best way learning this wonderful language. Hema jii is a very brilliant, experienced and patient teacher. You can feel that teaching is her passion. Last year I’ve started with the beginners course. I had no clue about the grammar of this language. With the well structured lessons I feel that I get a very good foundation of the language. Hema jii explains the grammar very understandable and encourages me to speak in Hindi. Now I can even read the letters of the Devangari – alphabet. At the moment we meet two times per week via Skype. It’s very comfortable for me learning from home with my teacher sitting in a big Indian City. And the best is that I`m not only learning the language but also more about Indian culture and lifestyle. Thank you very much – बहुत धयवाद!
    Nicole Grygar (Germany)
  • Kristin Frauenhoffer (Germany)
    I am learning hindi with Hema jii since many years and it has always been a pleasure. The classes are well structured and the progress you make is remarkable due to the concept of one-on-one classes. Thank you very much, Hema jii!
    Kristin Frauenhoffer (Germany)
  • “I'm taking lessons with Hema jii for more than one year now. She is a good and patient teacher. She always explains the difficult grammar very well. The given exercises and homework are customized. So I can reduce my former mistakes. For improving the spoken Hindi we are talking about our weekends and travelling and so on. With small videos, audios and stories I can practice my understanding and reading of Hindi language. I'm very pleased to learn Hindi with Hema jii. घन्यवाद हेमा जी “
    Beate Koerner (Langenfeld, Germany)
  • "I know Hema Jii for quite a while. I was taking classes every now and then, but this year I decided to revise top grammar topics with her. In doing so, I spend 8 months 2 hours weekly. Needless to say, that Hema Jii exactly met my needs. Whenever I thought coming close to mastering the language would be a far goal, Hema Jii brought me back on track. I just came back from a short trip to India, and doing homework, practising, speaking really pays. Still it will be a long way, but I can highly recommend Hema Jii to go along with you."
    Andreas N. (Nuernberg, Germany)
  • “Hema jii is a lovely and an amazing teacher.  She is very patient, good, organized, always on time as a Swiss watch, with a lots of humour.  So it's really a pleasure to learn with her. I had started to learn Hindi with different teachers. But only Hemi jii could motivate me to continue and to enjoy the learning. The classes are always very well prepared and you get very good school material and audio files. She also prepares you with additional homework, if you like of course. Furthermore it's great to learn through Skype. You can choose the time, you have private lessons, the classes goes on in your own rhythm. I am very happy to learn with her and I can highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you Hema jii.”
    Myriam (Sita) from Switzerland
  • I started learning Hindi with Hindi Online Class more than 1 year ago and it’s been enjoyable experience so far. Hema Jii prepares very well structured classes; she can clearly explain things, which at the beginning may seem difficult. Learning Hindi with Hema Jii is interesting because she can always find a way to make me understand everything, from grammar rules to cultural differences. Her classes are very informative and vocabulary we have learned together is very useful. Thanks to her good sense of humor and open-mindedness our classes are enjoyable too. Other than that she is very committed and reliable teacher. I would highly recommend Hindi Online Class.
    Oxana Nechmyrya (Russia)
  • Seit nun gut 1,5 Jahren habe ich bei Hema Hindi-Unterricht via Skype. Vorher habe ich schon verschiedene andere Schulen und Lehrer kennen gelernt und mit Hema habe ich nun das große Los gezogen. Sehr gut strukturierter Unterricht, in dem sie mir anhand von verschiedenen Grammatik-Kapiteln (inkl. Vokabeln) Hindi näher bringt. Nach jeder Stunde bekomme ich extra auf mich zugeschnittene Hausaufgaben per pdf gemailt, die dann in der nächsten Stunde korrigiert werden. Die Unterrichtstermine kann ich flexibel vereinbaren, was mir sehr entgegen kommt. Die Abrechnung erfolgt ganz problemlos über paypal. Hema ist immer pünktlich, stets gut gelaunt, bestens vorbereitet, äußerst geduldig und sehr genau! Seit ich bei ihr Unterricht nehme ist mein Hindi deutlich besser geworden. Ich kann sie sehr empfehlen!                                                                           Since 1.5 years Hema is my Hindi teacher via Skype. Before I had lessons with different schools and teachers, but with Hema I made a really good choice! Well-structured lessons in which she brings me closer to Hindi through different grammatical chapters (indluding vocabulary). After every lesson I got a customized pdf-homework for the week. The dates are flexible, which agrees with my job. The payment is made without problems via paypal. Hema is always on time, well prepared, very patient and also very accurate. Since I'm having lessons with her, my Hindi became much better. I highly recommend it!    
    Britta Roscher (Germany)
  • Studying intermediate Hindi with Hema jii since a couple of month, I could not be more pleased with the teaching methods of Hindi Online Class. Hema caters her lessons specifically to my needs and focuses on improving my skills. The exercises she gives me are customized as I wish. Besides being very friendly and always patient, Hema is fantastic at implementing a well-developed curriculum tailored to my level, and my level of progress. We always spent some time on conversation in Hindi during lesson, which is probably the most difficult part for me. However, the audios, videos and stories Hema gives me as homework help to improve my listening- and understanding skills. I learned a great deal and consequently my language capacity grew markedly. I had other language instructors (Tamil, Sanskrit, French, Hindi) within the past years and few compare in quality and competence to those at HOC. When posing a grammar question I never got the “that’s just the way it is” answer, which drove me crazy with former language teachers., Hema knows Hindi through and through, which becomes evident within just the first few lessons. I would recommend Hindi Online Class to anyone (and already have, in fact)    
    Esther Helen (Germany)
  • Hindi Online Class is absolute amazing. I can highly recommend the lessons of Hemajii to everyone who wants to learn Hindi. She is such an experienced teacher with an immense knowledge of Hindi. I am happy that I found her to improve my Hindi. I am always looking forward to our lessons.    
    Jutta Adams (Germany)
  • M. Khanna“ (Germany)
    I’m really happy that I found Hindi Online Class three months ago. It is a very convenient and comfortable way to learn Hindi via Skype. Hema jii is a great teacher: She adapts the speed of the course according to your progress and is very supportive. Her documents and audio-files are very helpful and incredibly well-structured. If you like you get some homework after each lesson which helps you to internalize the content of the lesson. Hema jii, many, many thanks for this wonderful course!    
    M. Khanna“ (Germany)
  • Srilakshmi Sharma (United Kingdom)
      Really super way to learn Hindi from a really terrific teacher. Could not recommend this service highly enough. It is absolutely the future of language learning.    
    Srilakshmi Sharma (United Kingdom)
  • Haripriya (Bangalore, India)
    “Hema ji is an excellent Hindi teacher. She is very patient and cheerful throughout the classes. Her classes are professional and organized very well.  The course structure starts with the fundamentals of Hindi language which helps in better understanding and easier application. She makes sure that concepts are understood well. She reviews the exercises in each class which is a great way to start conversing in Hindi. I would highly recommend taking Hema ji’s class for anyone who is interested in learning Hindi.”  
    Haripriya (Bangalore, India)
  • Andrea Wendt (Hamburg, Germany)
    “After learning Hindi for some years it became difficult to find an adequate course for me so I tried the option of online learning. I have been learning Hindi with Hema ji for more than a year now and I am very happy with the lessons. Not only the lessons but also the excercises are custom made for me. My homework consists of  doing some grammar excercises, watching  Hindi serials and reading short stories. When I speak Hindi during my classes, Hema ji patiently corrects me and never gets tired to explain all details to me. All this along with her humorous nature makes the Hindi lessons a great pleasure for me. My progress has been considerable in expressing myself as well as in understanding and reading. I can highly recommend taking lessons with Hema ji. “
    Andrea Wendt (Hamburg, Germany)
  • "In the time that I was learning from Hema Jee, I had a very nice experience. Indeed I can say she is one of the most cultivated teachers that I have met; she has always an explanation for everything, even for the deepest grammar questions, like the origin of some words and why they will be used like that. I must say she is the only professor who has answered widely and accurately my questions. She makes her job in a really excellent way, one can see her commitment with teaching and she makes the best of every lesson. With her I always had the feeling that she knew exactly what she was talking about. Besides, she is a very gentle person and has a lot of understanding and patience. Really, she is the best Hindi teacher that I have ever had."
    Janette Zentner
  • I found Hema by chance while googling something about India. It was an article in a German-Indian Newsletter, written by a German lady who recommended her. Hema offered there a trial lesson and so I contacted her. From this day on we had regular Skype lessons each Saturday morning over a period of 8 months. Because I was preparing a trip to India and later my emigration, it was very helpful to have these one-to-one teachings, because I learned basic Hindi in a quite short time. Although Hema has a syllabus, there was always the possibility to customize the lesson around topics I needed and ask questions from my personal interest. The best thing was homework that she sends in an e-mail: with all kinds of translation and grammar exercises, with writing the Hindi alphabet and including sound files in which she read the texts so that I got used to the correct pronunciation. Her personality was for me like a mother: caring, strict but patient, and with a very nice sense of humour. So I never dared to disappoint her and made my homework. Finally, after my arrival in India I could meet her live and we had a delicious dinner together.
    Ralf Strunz (Switzerland)
  • Kirstin (Dachau,Germany)
    More than one year I’ve been studying Hindi with Hema jii at Hindi Online Class. And I highly recommend her as a teacher. She is a friendly teacher with a lot of patience. Her lessons are very structured and she knows the needs of her students. She explains the difficult grammar pretty well and supports it with customized homework. I am glad to have her as a teacher.
    Kirstin (Dachau,Germany)
  • Hi there 😁 I ve been living in India for few years and realized that I needed to learn Hindi to deepen my integration here. I tried few classes with local teacher but was not finding teaching method that suited me. Then I heard about Hema ji with her Hindi Online Class school (https://hindi-online-class.com) by a friend and decided to give it a try. I m so pleased about Hema ji's classes, they are well structured, with proper support of lessons scheduled and homework. Hema is always answering my questions and help me with my difficulties. She also can evaluate my level very well and doesn't go forward if she feels I m not ready. I can now do basic communication with the locals in Hindi after few months of study with her. Hema ji is giving me all the keys I need to improve my hindi, I wish I have more time to dedicate myself to learn Hindi. I highly recommend her classes, I m sure you won't be disappointed, her classes are always filled with laugh, cultural sharing and good energy. Go for it 😊 "
    Ines Pasqualini (France)
  • Johann (Braunschweig, Germany)

    "Before I took up classes with Hema jii, I was a little wary of what the quality of learning materials and grammar instructions would be like - I had experienced two quite chaotic Hindi teachers before starting to work with Hema jii. However, I had read a number of very positive student reviews which praised Hema jii’s teaching in the website www.hindi-online-class.com, so I gave it a try. And now I am really happy to have found such a well-structured, tolerant and enthusiastic teacher!

    My reason to take up Hindi classes was that I wanted to keep alive what I had learned when I stayed at Pune University and later, when I was an intern in an Indian law firm in Delhi. For me, learning Hindi online is a way of visiting India on a weekly basis - even if I live hundreds of miles away.

    I only knew bits and pieces of Hindi when I started. Now I can have a real conversation, with an increasing degree of complexity. We also read Hindi texts on a regular basis. Plus, I am learning new things about Indian culture, current events and daily life, every time Hema jii and I turn on Skype. Even my little daughter, who was born after I took up Hindi classes, can say "Namaste" now.

    Hema jii and I have been working together for a couple of years now - and I hope many more will follow."

    Johann (Braunschweig, Germany)
  • Hema Jii (of hindi-online-class.com) is my Hindi teacher for almost more than 4 months. Her teaching way is professional and at the same time friendly, which is the best part. She understands the needs of her student and his/her level of knowledge. The way she teaches, makes me so comfortable, I feel like I am learning from my friend. She has enough patience and understanding. Aap ati uttam teacher ho! Dhanyavaad Hema ji for teaching.
    Vlatka Klanjcic (Croatia)
  • "I love studying languages, and have worked with a gamut of teachers over the years. If every language teacher were like Hemaji, I'd be in heaven! She's excellent at what she does. Her lessons plans are well-organized, well-thought out. It's clear she either invests considerable time in the preparation of her curricula and/or has a unique gift of crafting lesson plans and accommodating/adapting on the fly to whomever she's working with. My haunch is it's both. I spent approximately a year in India, and thanks to my work with Hemaji, felt confident in interacting, and navigating a country whose culture is completely foreign to my own. In addition to learning the language, Hemaji also helped me expand my understanding of Indian culture in a very light-hearted, clear and sincere way. All of which has been immensely valuable. Thank you!"
    Catrina Armendariz (Hawaii, USA)
  • Before starting I was not sure that on line classes would fit me, but when I met Hema jii I changed immediately my mind: it is fantastic to practice Hindi nicely at home, saving time and energy with a such experienced teacher. I highly recommend Hemajii’s Hindi online classes (https://hindi-online-class.com/). The student can plan the course according to his needs, level and variable schedules. Hemajii is always helpful, patient and kind. Teaching is a passion to her. Her method is practical, you can learn Hindi writing, grammar in a clear and structured method and conversation on everyday topics. She doesn’t go forward to the next topic if she’s not sure you got the point. She is a professional and talented teacher, offering you further texts, audios, exercises, suggestions, links if requested. She’s very devoted and honest too and, last but not least, with sense of humour, so you can learn about Indian culture and society as well in a very pleasant way. Bahut dhanyavaad Hemajii!
    Flavia Fornari - Italy
  • Learning Hindi with Hema jii is great fun! I have started my endeavour from an absolute beginner level about a year ago, and thanks to the Hindi Online Classes have made great progress in reading, writing, speaking and understanding of Hindi. Hema jii's lessons are clearly structured such that the learning goal for each lesson is sharply defined. This is followed up by varied homework exercises, which will be customized to individual needs. Hema jii knows how to make the lessons fun, and after a surprisingly short time I was able to talk about my favourite Bollywood movies in Hindi! What helped me combine learning Hindi with my daily work life was the flexibility offered by the classes. In this way, I could attend one class every week and continually improve. Hema jii is a very friendly and competent teacher, and I can highly recommend starting your Hindi journey with her.
    Marcel Forster - Germany
  • I was looking for an online Hindi class, and I came across Hema’s HOC classes on hindi-online-class.com. I have been taking Hindi lessons with Hema for about 18 months. At the beginning, I was a little nervous about the process, as I believed that I would be a slow learner. But Hema has been very encouraging and supportive, and provides a lot of positive feedback. I feel that this encouragement has helped me with my enthusiasm to keep learning more. I also find the skype one-on-one to be very positive. In the past, I had tried in-person classes, but the small-group nature of the sessions was less productive than this more-convenient format. So far, the classes have been a great success for me, and I look forward to my trip to India later this month and a first opportunity to communicate in Hindi, in India. I plan to continue with Hema for a long time, and without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn the language.
    Aaron Chawla - California, US
  • "I wanted to learn Hindi after travelling to and working in India so that I could understand more about this amazing nation and its history, politics and culture. I count myself as extremely fortunate to have found Hema jii as my teacher. It's quite incredible how Hema jii has structured her courses so as to take you from a complete beginner to a much more advanced learner. and a great emphasis is placed upon providing you with plenty of practice through appropriately graded material in the 4 essential language skills of reading, writing, speaking and hearing. The Skype format works really well for me and means I can do the lessons from home and as a teacher and friend Hema jii is an absolute joy to work with."
    Stewart Hamblin - U.K.
  • I really like to learn from Hema Jii. She is a welcoming and precise teacher at the same time, punctual and smiling. The method is very practical (we have spoken practice a lot since the beginning) and this is something I find very useful. I really recommend her.
    Lidia Martinelli - Italy
  • I am very grateful to have had Hemaji teach Hindi to my daughter. Hema ji conducted her lessons very professionally. She started teaching Hindi from the letters and gradually built on the knowledge in a very systematic manner. Her communication was clear and detailed and she assigned homework regularly. This helped my daughter retain and review the content taught earlier. Hema ji has excellent material that she shares with her students. The list of vocabulary and grammatical rules are great guidance. Hemaji also shared a very good rapport with my daughter and made her lessons enjoyable and informative. I would happily recommend Hemaji to anyone who would like to learn Hindi in a systematic way and also have fun doing it! Gayatry (the student Shradha’s mother) Shraddha's testimonial: (The student) Hema ji was an excellent teacher and I really enjoyed learning from her. Learning Hindi is pretty hard but she made it look easy and really held my hand (mentally) through the process. I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you so much Hema ji.
    Shradha (the student) - Japan
  • "Hema Ji is a great Hindi guru for me. She is very patient in teaching me Hindi and very punctual in class. That leads me to be punctual too. I didn't see myself distracted throughout the courses due to the excellent teacher. Regular homework is helping me practice, and HemaJi corrects me and how to write differently. It is making me learn Hindi interestingly. The course structure is perfect so that any non-Hindi person learn Hindi if they go with that course flow. I find every class very interesting and have learned a lot. I am sometimes conversing in Hindi at home and with some of my Hindi-speaking friends. I am learning Hindi in a non-exam educational style; however, I am learning the lessons one by one thoroughly; and thank you, Hema Ji, for having me as the student. Hema Ji's unique guidance and methods urge me to excel in my Hindi language Skill. Thank you for inspiring me."
    Venkateshwar, California, US

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